what we do



We work directly with our clients who own houses and appartments to find a style and budget that meets their requirements to get the property staged as rapidly and efficiently as possible in order to sell or rent it as quickly as possible

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We work with Estate Agents to help their clients sell or rent their properties.  We can stage properties as they come to market or stage a property that may have been languishing for a while and needs an injection of style to refresh and re-market it.  We are also available to provide in-house staging services for agencies to market as an add-on to clients


We work with investors who have a property or portfolio of properties that they either wish to sell or rent.   We plan to get their vacant properties staged and sold or rented as quickly as possible with the aim of helping our clients maximise their investment revenue


We stage a properties for open house events either when the property first comes to market or on a relaunch.   We are also available to stage a property for photography shoots

balham developer stage sell fast


We regularly work with property developers to help them sell their developments by staging their properties quickly and stylishly.  We can provide very cost effective solutions for developers and have different models in place particularly for developments with multiple properties.  


Due to the nature of each property being unique in size, shape, style, location and condition it is difficult to give any clear pricing indication without an initial discussion. However, it is important to stress that any property can be staged no matter how small and statistics show that staging makes a difference and can be a prudent investment.  There is a common mis-conception that it is only high value and/or large properties that benefit from being staged. This is not the case. We are able to offer affordable staging services for smaller properties so they too can benefit from the staging difference.